The AP World History Podcast: With Austin Pray and Alex Taylor, the “WHAP Podcast” helps review key concepts in AP World History
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AP World History Chapter Key Points
AP World History Exam Review
Chapter 27 thru 35 Test Review
Chapter 28
Chapter 23 - 26 Stearns
AP essay
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The AP World History Podcast


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With helpful explanations, in depth discussion, and witty humor (at least we think so), this podcast's purpose is to restate and reinforce concepts taught in Mr. Conrad's AP World History class. Our goal is to help you review what you have read in a way you are familiar with.

Our podcast will also help to put history into layman's terms, making it easier to comprehend what happened and why it is actually important. We also believe this is more fun than doing a bunch of long "Key Points" worksheets (although our podcast will make doing those a lot easier). We will also cover more specialized points, such as essay writing strategies and tips from Mr. Conrad himself.

We aim to provide a fun way for everybody to study, because previously “fun” and “study for AP World History” were not in any way related. We also would like to involve everybody, if you have any input, suggestions, tips, strategies, or otherwise, don’t hesitate to contact Austin or Alex.

See below for our current episode scheduling and to watch completed episodes.

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Podcast Episode Schedules
EpisodeMaterial CoveredStatusPlanned ReleaseWatch
TrailerPromo TrailerDone10/18/08Watch Now
1Chapter 9Done!10/22/08Watch Now
2Chapter 10Done!10/29/08Watch Now
N/AChapter 11See Below~11/2/08??Read
We weren't able to release the Chapter 11 podcast on time (11/2/08), so instead i give you the comprehensive key points and a song about Document Based Question Essays. Watch it here: Watch Now.
39,10,11 Test ReviewDone!11/10/08Watch Now
N/AChapter 12See Below11/12/08Read
Again, We weren't able to release the Chapter 12 podcast on time, but the completed key points are there. Maybe I'll get the footage and like edit it into the test review or something, or just release the footage for fun.
4Chapter 14DONE!11/23/08Watch Now
5Chapter 16 & 17Done!12/01/08Watch Now
6Chapter 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 Test ReviewDone!at the latest 12/09/08Watch Now!
N/AChapter 18Done!12/16/08Read!
N/AThe PrinceDone!12/18/08Discuss
7The Midterm ReviewDone!01/11/09Watch/Discuss Now!
N/AChapter 19Done!01/29/09Read/Discuss
8Chapters 19-22 Test ReviewDone!02/04/09Watch Now!
9Chapter 24Done!02/22/09Watch Now!
9Chapters 23 24 25 Essay helpDone!03/04/09Discuss!
9Chapters 23 - 26 Test ReviewDone!03/11/09Read NOW!

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