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Episode 4 - Chapter 14

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KEY POINTS Chapter 14
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Essential Question: What effect did the Mongol conquests have on the Eurasian areas?


Chinggis Khan - temujin, became overall awesome mongol leader guy

Tartars - russians called the mongols tatars which meant people from hell. One of the many name changes the mongols go through.

Kubilai Khan - in charge of armies, tried to conquer chinese. Kubilai Khan changed the name of his dynasty to Yuan.

The Mongol Empire of Chinggis Khan

Look at the map on page 317. What Muslim controlled area was not conquered by the Mongols?

How was Mongol society organized?
    Clan kin-based systems

How did Chinggis Khan gain power over all the Mongols?
    he was elected

Why were the Mongols such capable warriors?
    they were taught from a young age and they were able horsemen.

Who was often spared in battle and why?
    the scholars, artisans, and the ones warriors who were courageous.

How were conquered areas dealt with?
    they sacked them if they resisted, and if they didn't they had to pay tribute. They took over the government.

By 1227, what areas were under Mongol control? eastern persia to the north china sea

Where did Chinggis Khan establish the Mongol capital?
    Chinggis Khan established the capital of his empire at Karakorum
List what advance were made under Chinggis Khans' rule.
    he advanced trade, brought peace to Asia

What evidence suggests that Chinggis Khan was a tolerant ruler?
    he did not persecute based on religion

Who was chosen as ruler of the Mongols after Chinggis Khan's death?
    The Mongol lands were split among the three sons Ogedai, one of his sons ruled

The Mongol Drive to the West

What were the 4 khanates?
    Chagatai Khanate
    Golden Horde
    Yuan Dynasty
What was the real goal of the Mongols as they conquered across Russian territory?
    they really wanted to conquer western europe and everything in their way

Did the Mongols ever conquer Keiv? Novgorod?
    They conquered Kiev, because of resistance but left Novgorod alone

Explain how Moscow became the center of Russian power.
    Moscow was chosen as the seat of the Orthodox church, which brought wealth from tribute collecting, annexed other towns
How did the Russians benefit form the Mongol conquests?
    They were protected from more powerful kingdoms at the time of the Mongol rule, gained
What negative impact did the Mongol conquests have in Russia?
    killed a bunch of Russians, razed town centers and such, peasants=>serfs

Why didn't the Mongols invade Western Europe?
    death of the khagan Ogedei caused Batu to leave w/ armies to attend to secession

What then were the only two areas to remain free of Mongol assaults?
    India and Western Europe

Which Mongol leader led the conquests in the Muslim territories?
    Hulegu, a grandson of Chingy

When was Bagdad captured?

When did the Mongols defeat the Slejek Turks?

What Muslim group finally defeated the Mongols in 1260? What affect did this victory have?
    mamluks of egypt

What effects did the Mongols forays into Europe and the Muslim areas have?
    united the christians and muslims under a common enemy

The Mongol Interlude in Chinese History

What dynasty was established in China by the Mongols?

Where was Kubilai Khan's capital established?

What evidence shows that the Mongols and the Chinese did not intermix cultures?
    mongol traditions and culture were preserved, and marriage and even friendship between two peoples of the cultures was frowned upon

What Chinese traditions and ideas were adopted by Kubilai Khan?
    he renamed his dynasty to yuan, chinese rituals, music, chinese calendar,

Did Kubilai Khan continue the examination system?
    No he rejected exams cuz sum ppl dunt like tests lol my naem alax taylar lol i good a maf nd englash classes

In what ways were Mongol women given higher status than Chinese women?
    Mongol women rejected footbinding, could go out on hunts, had property rights and control in household,freedom of movement
Why would it have been important for Kubilai Khan to respect Chinese traditions/culture?
    If he had destroyed more stuff and tried to change the Chinese, the ming dynasty might not have emerged

Did the Mongol conquests ultimately bring higher status to Chinese women? Why or why not?
    No, Mongols didn't change Chinese status because of tolerance for Confucian values

How did the inclusion of Muslims in the Yuan court affect the Chinese?
    alienated scholar gentry

Explain how Kubilai Khan's toleration of other religions and travelers affected later history.
    black plague much? trade networks expand

What changes occurred in the Chinese social structure under Kubilai Khan's rule?
    Mongols on top, chinese/muslims underneath but still respected

Which Chinese social group benefited from Yuan policy? What policies helped this group?
    artisans and traders,paper money/attacking pirates

What area was not conquered by the Mongols even after two attempts?

What led to the fall of the Yuan Dynasty?
    Eventually the Chinese began to raise rebellions against the Mongol conquerors. Mongol military reputation suffered after defeats at the hands of the Japanese and Vietnamese. Decades in China softened the Mongols.        Following the death of Kubilai Khan, no vigorous successors reigned in China. As dissatisfaction with the Yuan dynasty grew, the scholar- gentry called on the people to oust their oppressors.
    Popular dissatisfaction spawned secret societies, such as the White Lotus Society, dedicated to the overthrow of the Yuan. When the government was unable to suppress local violence, the Yuan rulers began to flee to        central Asia. Order was restored under Ju Yuanzhang, a peasant and the founder of the Ming dynasty.

Who emerged to lead the Ming Dynasty?
    Ju Yuanzhang, a peasant farmer guy

What demographic change led to the decline of the nomadic warriors? (see the IN DEPTH)
    they assimilated with the Chinese too much and got too lazy.


Summarize the impact of the Mongols.
    a.They expanded trade networks, possibly allowed the black plague, established Moscow as important city/started possibility of a Russian state, stopped Abbasid and Seljuks, and set the stage for Ottomans and               Mamluks(slave tribes from Egypt)

What nomadic group led the last nomadic outburst in Asia and who was their leader?
    a. Turks Timur-i Lang

With the death of Timir-i-Lang in 1405, what challenge to civilization ended?
    Eurasian civilization