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Chapter 9, 10, 11 Test Review


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Test Review

Typed up by Nathan Creel.

The Slavic alphabet created by Orthodox missionaries to the Slavs is called...?: Cyrillic

What was the nature of the Aztec administration of subject territories?: They wanted tribute from them

During the Post Classical Period, societies in the Americas...?: Developed separately from "Old World"

The Capital of the Byzantine Empire and its commercial center was located at...?: Constantinople

What was the Aztec view of history?: Sun Alive= good, Dead Sun=BOOM

What were the results from the Crusades?: Christians brought technology and knowledge from Muslim

Benedict of Nursia was responsible for what accomplishment in the 6th century?: A very strict set of rules for monks

The straits through which one must pass to leave the Black Sea and enter the Mediterranean are the...? Bosporus and Dardanelles

What were changes in the Papacy (pope) after AD 500?: Clovis converted to Christianity and used his Christian dominion over the Franks gave more power to the Pope.

What was the outcomes of the Western Crusade of 1204?: Constantinople (eastern orthodox) sacked by Roman Catholic Crusaders

What was the great church built in Constantinople by Justinian?: Hagia Sophia

The people who succeeded the Toltecs as the rulers of Central Mexico were?: The Aztecs

Who were the invaders who disrupted the development of political institutions in the medieval west until the 10th century?: The Vikings

What is the major theme of the Aztec religion?: Sacrifice

The emperor responsible for the initial construction of Constantinoples was?: Constantine

In 1453 the Ottoman Empire rose to power by defeating...?: The Byzantine Empire

What was scholasticism?: Movement within the Catholic Church to explain religion with intellectual terms. Started by Thomas Aquinas

Byzantine cultural life circled around the secular traditions of...?: Hellenism and Orthodox Christianity

Starting with the reign of Justinian, what was the official language of the eastern empire?: Greek

What city did the Aztecs establish ca. 1325 on a marshy island in lake Texoco? Tenochtitlan

The members of the military elite who received land in return for military service in the bands of the greater lords were called?: Vassal

Relationships between members of the military elite based on an reciprocal exchange of land for military service and loyalty were called...? Feudalism

The Byzantine Empire lasted from?: ~500-1450

The Post Classical Period between the fall of the Roman Empire and the 15th century is referred as?: The Middle Ages

Around what year did the Aztecs migrate to the central valley of Mexico?: ~1325

The system that described economic and political relations between landlords and serfs was called?: Monorealism

The image of the Inca Empire as a carefully organized systems in which every community collectively contributed to the whole and the state regulated the distribution of resources on the basis of need was called?: Incan Socialism

In Western Europe, feudalism didn't develop until?: After the increasing prosperity in W. Europe

In what year did Tenochtitlan emerge as the dominant force in the central plateau that it controlled along with Texoco and Tlacopan?: Founded in 1325, Triple Alliance In 1434

Who was Thomas Aquinas?: Invented scholasticism

By 1500, agriculture?: Was spread widely

What is feudalism?: System of military and political that tied lords together

In what year was Charlemagne able to establish a substantial, if temporary, empire in France and Germany?: AD 800

In what year did Pope Urban II call for the first crusade?: 1095 c.e

Because of its base in the universities of western Europe, the dominant medieval philosophical approach was referred to as?: Scholasticism

Pope Gregory IIV decreed the practice of investiture invalid. What was investiture?: State appointment of bishops

What group of peoples were responsible for the conquest of Kievan Russia in 1236?: Mongols

What were the primary export of the Byzantine Empire?: Silk, diamonds... iPod Shuffles.

After the 7th century, what group posed the greatest threat to the eastern frontiers of the Byzantine Empire?: Tators

What eastern emperor was responsible for the attempted restoration of a united Roman Empire after 533?: Justinian

In what year did the Ottoman Turks successfully capture Constantinople and bring the Byzantine empire to a close?: 1453

What were the major significant differences between the Andean and Mesoamerican civilizations?: Aztec= Trade

What was the extent of merchant political power in the Byzantium?: Never gained political power because of elaborate systems of government controls

Why did Vladimir I prefer Eastern Orthodoxy instead of Roman Catholic?: No papal influence

The religious controversy over the use of images in worship that broke out in the 8th century was called?: Iconoclasm

What was the impact of the improved economy after the 10th century on the social system of western Europe?: Pick up of intellectuals

How did the introduction of feudal anarchy into England compare to the political experience of France?: Franks had mercenaries so they pwned the English nights

What was the result of the conflict over the use of religious images in the Orthodox Church?: Statues not allowed

What two missionaries were responsible for the creation of a written script for Slavic language?: Cyril and Methodius

What was the extent of Western European influence in Kievan Russia?: Missionary attempts spread Christianity into Russia

What was manorialism?: Serfs were legally bond to land to work for Lords (not slaves!)

The version of Christianity that formed in the Byzantine Empire was?: Eastern Orthodoxy

The capital of the Inca empire was?: Cuzco

Aztec innovation for agriculture in lakes?: Chinampas

What is Marvin Haris' interpretation of the "Cannibal Kingdom"?: Lack of protein no animal sacrifice

What were causes of the schism in 1054?: Iconoclast, Pope was universal, Byzantine believed they were true heirs

Know the crusades from 1095-1492

What was the outcome on Justinian's wars on reconquest?: Wasted money, empire grew slightly

After Russia was invaded by the Tatars, what institutions stayed the same?: Aristocratic and religious