The AP World History Podcast: With Austin Pray and Alex Taylor, the “WHAP Podcast” helps review key concepts in AP World History
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Episode 8 - Chapters 19 - 22 Test Review

Over the weekend I got the flu, so was unable to record or edit the podcast. So Alex did it all by himself! I got a much needed break from editing :).

Test Review
Test Review Version 2 .DOC Typed up (Thanks Carly!)

Test Review .PDF (Original - Alex's Messy Version)

Test Review 1-25 .RTF (Typed up)
Key Points
Chapter 19 Key Points
Chapter 20 Key Points
Chapter 21 Key Points
Chapter 22 Key Points
Test review documents will be posted soon, if you have completed yours please email it to me:
I could use more to cross check the ones I already have up.

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